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{200}{}{You see a drunk.}
{210}{}{This guy’s had way too much to drink.}
{1000}{}{Predialogue installations}
{1010}{}{Answer text}
{2000}{}{@@Urp.@@Glug-glug-glug.@@I needed that.@@Mmm-hmmm.@@How dry I am}


{200}{}{You see a bandit.}
{210}{}{The bandit looks like someone who shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.}
{1000}{}{Predialogue installations}
{1010}{}{Answer text}
{2000}{}{Surrender!@@Your money or your life.@@This is a stick up.@@Give me all your valuables.@@Put yer hands up.@@Stick ’em up.@@Don’t panic; this will be over in a minute.@@Let’s see those hands there.@@Cover me, fellas.}
{2010}{}{Aw, crap.}


{200}{}{You see a barber.}
{1000}{}{Predialogue installations}
{1010}{}{Can’t change}
{2000}{}{[The barber looks at you happy.] Good day. How can I help you?}
{2010}{}{Can you use your fabulous magick on my hair?}
{2020}{}{I would like to have a pink colored beard. Can you do this?}
{2030}{}{In no kind of way. Bye.}
{3000}{}{Of course.}
{3010}{}{[Default] I want to look like an average wastelander.}
{3020}{}{I want to have a green mohawk!@@Fine. I want to have a green mohawk!}
{3030}{}{I want to have a bald head!@@Fine. I want to have a bald head!@@Cut them all, i want to be as bald a man can be!}
{3040}{}{I want to have long hair!@@Fine. I want to have longer hair!}
{3050}{}{I need something special, unique, and it doesn’t need to be cheap. I have caps, I have style, show me all you got!}
{3060}{}{|4291297280 [Tester] Change my gender.}
{3070}{}{|4291297280 [Tester] Give me a testing set (armors)}
{3080}{}{|4291297280 [Tester] Give me a testing set (weapons)}
{3090}{}{I totally changed my mind. Your presence interrupts my aura. Bye.}
{4000}{}{That’s exactly what I like to do! [He is fiddleing around in your hair. You have absolutly no clue what happens right now. After a few minutes, he seems to be done.] }
{4010}{}{Thanks! See you later again. Maybe.}
{5000}{}{Then I can’t use my fabulous magick on your hair. I am sorry.}
{5010}{}{I bet you suck anyway. Bye.}
{5020}{}{Okay, I might come back later. See you.}
{6000}{}{Er… Uh… I am sorry, but I can’t do this.}
{6010}{}{Okay… Can you use your fabulous magick on my head hair then?}
{6020}{}{This sucks! I am going!@@You sucks! I am going!}
{7000}{}{Sorry, I can’t help you.}
{8000}{}{You what mate?}
{9060}{}{Afroamerican (red shirt)}
{9150}{}{Chinesse guard (blue)}
{9160}{}{Chinesse guard (red)}
{9210}{}{Miss Kitty}
{9220}{}{Mobster (blue)}
{9230}{}{Mobster (gray)}
{9250}{}{NCR Police}
{9260}{}{Old man}
{9270}{}{Poor man}
{9310}{}{Woman (pants)}
{9320}{}{Woman (skirt)}
{10010}{}{Mr. Handy}
{10030}{}{Robot 2}
{11100}{}{Radscorpion (small)}
{11110}{}{Radscorpion (big)}
{12040}{}{Long hair}
{14030}{}{Glowing One}
{15040}{}{Old Ian}
{15050}{}{Woman in Metal Armor}
{16040}{}{Long hair}
{17040}{}{Rat God}
{20000}{}{@lex skin@}

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