Welcome to make history in our post apocalypse world. Eternalize your stories and all your talent and art in our game, ensuring fun with the players' creativity

We sincerely appreciate the reporting of errors and glitches that are found in the game. The search for improvement in our game is a constant task. There will always be a reward for those who are encouraged to seek fault in our world that rises from the ashes always welcoming new blue outfits policy to preserve server data and logs.


  • [New] Option to exclude featured image from grid/list gallery. Screenshot
  • [Improved] The address icon should be removed from the page when there is no address added for the property.
  • [Improved] Under the inquiry form, negative numbers are selectable which is invalid
  • [Improved] Half map JS code
  • [Fixed] Warning message on property detail page.
  • [Fixed] Property Features section for Elementor not working in v2.6.0
  • [Updated] Ho