Download Game Client

BE SURE to read this tutorial, please! Because it is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU! This guide will help you to install your Client game smoothly, for you to try to survive in this game.

You will need to unzip the file on your computer (you will not need to install any files on your computer).



You must have a valid copy of the original Fallout 2 game and copy and paste the fallout.dat file into the Client folder. To purchase the original game:


Update Client Game

After carrying out the previous steps, access the Client folder and officially launch the UPDATER.EXE file. This step is very important as your game client needs additional data from the update server if you want your game to run smoothly.


in-game registration

 Your game is ready. launch ClientDX.exe or ClientGL.exe to start your client. Create your character through the “Register” button and welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD.