FOnline BNWベータ版のローンチ


フォールアウト オンライン ブレイブ ニュー ワールド

純粋な RPG が好きな人にとっては、史上最高のゲームです。 最強または最も賢い者だけが生き残る黙示録的な世界へようこそ。

A game that is made by players for players

FOnline is a game developed by gamers for gamers, seeking fun on a large scale. The content is produced by the players themselves, in the quest to offer what we most like to explore in a game. Whether in a fight between gangs, factions or carrying out single-player missions, everything is developed with the aim of bringing the difficulty that today's games don't have, the reality, innovation, plot and story behind a character who tries survive in a post apocalypse world

FOClassic - The Beginning

Based on the Fallout Online engine that became open source a few years ago. The most used revision was made and improved by Rotatorsline engine which became open source a few years ago. Most used revision was taken and improved by Rotators. The purpose of this release was to determine before FOnline became open source, probably to help existing servers with bug fixes, patches...

PReloaded - Implementation Of New Features

A simplified version of Reloaded Season 3 as an example to use as a test or integrate FOclassic into existing repositories. Purpose of this release: Developed for testing and ease of access to an already working FOclassic engine/server/client...

Update - Brave New World

It is the junction of the two previous versions and Nevada. Other updates and corrections carried out independently, with the aim of publishing separate tags with easy differences for use between all versions... Inclusion of new translations in more than 5000 dialogs in more than 30,000 lines of code, plus more maps, missions , factions and game improvements...



私たちはオンライン ゲームの愛好家であり、皆さんと同じように、終末後のオンライン環境により多くの楽しみをもたらすために、常に革新を続け、変更や更新を増やしていきたいと考えています。 良いアイデアをお持ちの場合、デザイナー、スクリプト ライター、翻訳者、漫画家、開発者である場合、またはバグやグリッチを見つけた場合は、私たちに連絡して協力し、ゲーマーのコミュニティのためにコミュニティによって作成された最高のゲームを作成してください。