Passwords are not saved on the server, only on the player's own computer. So we encourage everyone to write their password down on paper.

Fallout Online Brave New World game is completely free. If you can and want to contribute to the game's development, maintenance, you can donate whatever you want. Unfortunately, the costs are not cheap, there are a lot of monthly expenses, but the community together can keep the game alive and free forever.

We haven't released a version for Android or Iphone yet, but in the future it's in the plans. Currently you can play on Windows or Linux using Wine.

The game will always be in constant evolution. We will always seek to preserve player items and characters, this is one of our concerns. Unfortunately, as this is a beta game, data may sometimes be lost, although we will always work with a good backup policy to preserve server data and logs.

Yes, all players can contribute to the development of their game. There are several ways to contribute, and you can make donations through this link. You can also collaborate on improving our Wiki, creating articles, stories, art and you can also collaborate by sharing the game with your friends and on your social networks.

The game is currently available in English, Russian, Portuguese and Polish versions. Other languages will be added over time. You can be part of our translation team. If interested, please contact us. Help transform FOnline Brave New World into an online role-playing game like the world's first in multi-language mode.

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