join us

We appreciate all those who make donations to keep the project alive. The expenses are high, the work is huge, but with everyone's help, we will be able to continue offering a game that is intelligent, creative, fun and, above all, completely built by the community.

We are looking to translate the game into several languages. If you would like to help by translating quests, dialogues, welcome. Visit our game translation page. 


If you are a developer and would like to contribute with us, welcome! The game was created by great developers and we appreciate your powerful help! community together can keep the game alive and free forever.

Welcome to make history in our post apocalypse world. Eternalize your stories and all your talent and art in our game, ensuring fun with the players' creativity

We sincerely appreciate the reporting of errors and glitches that are found in the game. The search for improvement in our game is a constant task. There will always be a reward for those who are encouraged to seek fault in our world that rises from the ashes always welcoming new blue outfits policy to preserve server data and logs.